Being upwardly mobile and BLACK in Philly

Not all black people are the same.


There is a huge difference in how black and white people view each other.  I’d like to call attention to some of the differences that make “black people” a little angry and on guard.


1.       They all look alike…


There is much more attention paid and concessions given to “white people” based on their cultural background.


Irish, Italian, German, Russian, Polishes, Jewish, British, etc.  None of these groups are thought of as “white” and judged purely based on the color of their skin?  Example, “Those Irish guys drink a lot and hang out in the bar”. Or, “Those Italian guys are mixed up in the MOB”.  “You know about Jewish people and their money”, or better yet, “If you need a good attorney find a Jewish guy”.


All judged different based on their cultural stereotypes!  Not as one race with one agenda.  Furthermore if an Italian man committed a horrible public crime, he would be judged and scrutinized as an Italian man, NOT a white man.


Meanwhile, back on the plantation, black people are just BLACK!  African American, African, Haitian, Jamaican, darker South American’s, etc.  The only stereotype given to us from our neighboring Caucasian peers is that we are of a race that can only be described as “black”.


2.       Urban Ghetto vs. Rural Ghetto


In short, white people’s ghetto is rural and hard to reach. The same crime and violence happen in those ghettos per capita that take place in the city.  It just so happens that “black people’s ghetto” is in the city right in the middle of where gentrification is happening and public transportation is accessible.  The same issues would be happening if you took some of Essington, Reading and other distant “white ghettos” and placed them right near an up and coming affluent African American community in Atlanta.


The realty is the article written in was extremely insensitive to upwardly mobile people of color in Philadelphia.  You can’t judge us as one culture and as one people when we don’t do the same.


All black people aren’t from the same background just like all white people aren’t Italian.  Put a school like Temple in the middle of North Philly, where people don’t have much, then educate your kids on safety because Pennsylvania has plenty of other school… He couldn’t get into Penn State?  My brother did!


Angry Black Man

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